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Decisions based on the pharmaceutical market

WEB access

Should you happen to be on the road and are in need to access the data?

Log on to the data analysis on website.

Having results available in real time and possibility to instantly assess that data are the key factors determining the success in making the decisions. 

Interactive pharma.CITY data analysis allows you to monitor the dynamics of the data outside  the office.




to pharma.CITY on your PC, phone or tablet



and promptly respond to the existing situation

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your business processes while being out of office

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Medical News

Latest specialized news of the pharmaceutical and medical market covering patient treatment tendencies, diseases and medications.

Public Procurement Contracts

Every month together with updated wholesalers sales it is possible to analyze data of the concluded Public Procurement Contracts.

Live - direct communication channel

ICT based solution that presents connection to reach the physicians, as it delivers information specifically designed to match their interests.

Pivot reports

Web version pivot reports have the same functional features as PharmaZOOM Desktop Pivot reports. From now on, you can also generate the reports online.

eStatistics reports

These reports help to get acquainted with the general situation in the medical market, monitor the dynamics of diseases and drug use. These are statistics on treatment and prescribing.

Power BI reports

Customized interactive reports are prepared using market data integration with the Power BI business analytics tool to effectively monitor pharmaceutical market variantions.

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