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A tool that is designed to monitor the changes in market data and is linked with pharmaceutical markets in different countries. PharmaZOOM is a data processing software that provides you an opportunity to analyze the dynamics of the pharmaceutical market providing accurate and up to date information.



New LT data

2021 01 12

New LV data

2021 01 12

Integration with Power BI

2020 07 17

Additional data sources

2020 01 07

Top 10 Medical Innovations For 2021

2021 01 04

EC announces new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

2020 12 09

WEB access

Business analysis and integrated data platform pharma.CITY covers not only sell-in data, but also synchronization of other sources, medical reviews and communication channel with physicians.

You can access WEB analysis platform online via phone or tablet.

Since the launch of PharmaZOOM software it was well evaluated among our clients. It is now an appreciated tool used daily for various pharmaceutical market analysis.

The rapidly changing market and competitors’ actions dictate the rules and define the marketing trends in this never ending game. This market data and statistics tracking tool allows you not only to identify the changes increasing your productivity allowing to react and respond to these changes in a timely manner.



PharmaZOOM provides you with possibilities not only to observe the pharmaceutical market dynamics but will also aid you in following your competitors’ actions. The software will assist you in making the most important business decisions based on the up to date data and statistics information to support you in adjusting your marketing strategy.


The amount of data, update frequency and delivery methods can be determined based on the individual needs of each client taking into account the changes within the market and following the latest trends.

Synchronizacion with


Information collected with PharmaZOOM software can be easily linked to other system - customer relationship management (CRM) software PharmaCODE or any other. Our clients have already experienced that processing and managing big data and working with dynamic and constantly changing information flows might be extremely difficult and complicated.


Therefore we have developed and established an effective solution that allows quick synchronization of data between both systems.


The Pharmaceutical Market data is exceptionally important in order to remain competitive, and we pay a lot of attention to its protection. 

All appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented to protect the data against any disclosure to the third parties or any other unlawful activities.

The parties involved in the PharmaZOOM data collection process operate under the strictly defined data privacy regulations which are defined and covered within the written agreements with our customers.

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