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Decisions based on the pharmaceutical market


PharmaZOOM lets you keep the track of the market and evaluate not only your own market share but also follow your competitors. Moreover it helps you quickly adjust a range of solutions in a dynamic pharmaceutical market.

Based on the data structured  by drugs and territories, there is a possibility to:



the sales of the drug you are interested in comparing it to total medicines sales.


the drug's market share.


sales changes over time and by selected territorial segment.


the market data according to specific needs.

the sales by a variety of measures describing the medicine and the area.

Working together with partners we provide PharmaZOOM software services covering the pharmaceutical markets in, all Baltic countries and Belarus. Frequent data updates allows you to determine the specific reasons causing the changes in the data, evaluate the effectiveness of your promotions, and more effectively plan your future actions and strategies. In Lithuanian market PharmaZOOM data is updated every week, in Belarus and Latvia it is updated monthly, and quarterly in Estonia.



It is designed to monitor the sales of particular products’ groups in specific areas that are assigned to your representatives.

Additionally we offer another PharmaZOOM software module called RepZOOM for easy representatives’ performance analysis.

This module makes it easy to evaluate the market share of your company products in different areas and monitor the sales dynamics.

It is easy to compare your product sales information to the sales of your competitors.







Power BI reports


Integrated data WEB module


Exclusive PharmaZOOM features:

  • Accurate and up to date pharmaceutical sales market information

  • Evaluation of market shares and trends

  • Access data whenever you need it - on-line, 7 days a week

  • Fine territorial clustering of pharmacies

  • Targets comparison vs achieved sales

  • Salesforce effectiveness measurement

  • Tripled security authorization

  • Effective and easy data update

  • Training and guidance

  • User-friendly interface

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